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Hive vs. Smartsheet


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Project + Task Management
View all actions assigned to me yellow-dot3.png  
Task hierarchy yellow-dot3.png gray-dot3.png 
Team view (list of what team is working on) yellow-dot3.png  
Kanban board (view actions as cards) yellow-dot3.png gray-dot3.png
Calendar view yellow-dot3.png gray-dot3.png
To do list organization yellow-dot3.png  
Workspaces for teams yellow-dot3.png gray-dot3.png
Integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box yellow-dot3.png gray-dot3.png
Messaging yellow-dot3.png  
Assign actions to multiple people yellow-dot3.png  
Recurring actions yellow-dot3.png gray-dot3.png
Process templates yellow-dot3.png  
Ability to filter and sort actions yellow-dot3.png  gray-dot3.png
Natural language processing  yellow-dot3.png  
Start action templates automatically yellow-dot3.png gray-dot3.png


Why Hive?


Hive is simple.

With everything on one page and drag and drop functionality, it's easy to get started.

No need to be a spreadsheet expert to get started.


Hive is integrated.

Hive has over 100 integrations. With our native integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box, have instant access to all your files. You can drag and drop to add them to actions and messages.


Hive is flexible

You know how you like to work. That's why Hive has multiple ways to view projects, ability to add multiple assignees to an action, two great ways to integrate messaging, and much more!

  Leading companies choose Hive: 



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