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Project + Task Management
Tasks in multiple projects yellow-dot3.png    gray-dot3.png
Assign actions to multiple people yellow-dot3.png  gray-dot3.png  
Visible subactions yellow-dot3.png    
Start date on actions yellow-dot3.png    
Team view (list of what team is working on across projects) yellow-dot3.png    
Calendar view yellow-dot3.png  gray-dot3.png  gray-dot3.png
Label view (actions organized by tag) yellow-dot3.png    
Kanban view (see actions as cards) yellow-dot3.png gray-dot3.png gray-dot3.png
Gantt charts yellow-dot3.png    
Workspaces for teams yellow-dot3.png gray-dot3.png gray-dot3.png
Messages + Files      
Integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box yellow-dot3.png  gray-dot3.png  gray-dot3.png
Link to shared drive yellow-dot3.png    
Messaging panel yellow-dot3.png    
Native Slack Integration yellow-dot3.png gray-dot3.png   
Flexibility + Availability
Mobile Apps yellow-dot3.png gray-dot3.png gray-dot3.png
Desktop Apps yellow-dot3.png    
Import tasks from other tools yellow-dot3.png   gray-dot3.png
Email Integration yellow-dot3.png gray-dot3.png  gray-dot3.png


Asana is powerful to-do list.

It allows you to easily add tasks, organize your list, and manage projects. It can be a bit inflexible. For example, it doesn’t let you assign a task to multiple people that you would think would be standard.

Trello is a powerful Kanban board.

In other words, its helps tasks (represented by cards) move from left to right through steps in a process. It is simple to get started and is very flexible to a team's needs. However, it doesn’t make it easy to connect different boards, and can become unmanageable in a larger company.


Hive is a powerful teamwork platform.

 In contrast to Trello and Asana, Hive combines both communication and project management to provide an integrated experience. It is completely drag and drop and easy use. Like Asana, you can manage your personal tasks in a list. It also includes a Trello-style card view for those who prefer to manage tasks that way.


Why do our teams love Hive?


Hive is simple.

With everything on one page and drag and drop functionality, it's easy to get started.


Hive is flexible.

You know how you like to work. That's why Hive has multiple ways to view projects, ability to add multiple assignees to an action, two great ways to integrate messaging, and much more!


Hive is integrated.

Hive has over 100 integrations. With our native integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box, have instant access to all your files. 

"We have tried all of the project management tools out there - seriously, name it and we’ve probably tried it - and have abandoned each and every one. Then we met Hive!"

Yvette Fevurly

Senior Designer / Project Manager at Forcade Associates

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